Automatic Granular Washing Machine

Automatic Granular Washing Machine

Title:Automatic Granular washing machine Description:2000-2500kg/h, can wash Granular smaller than ∅15mm such as Dal, Soybean and so on. Keywords: Food Washing Machine, Granular Washing equipment, Granular washer

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Title:Automatic Granular washing machine

Description:2000-2500kg/h,  can wash Granular smaller than ∅15mm such as Dal, Soybean and so on.

Keywords: Food Washing Machine, Granular Washing equipment, Granular washer,grain cleaning machine


1.Product Introduction of the Automatic Granular washing machine

The grain cleaning machine can clean all kinds of particles under Φ15mm. Grains, grains and medicinal materials. Continuously panning continuous row of stones, reverse water intake, energy saving and water saving, only half a ton of water is needed to clean 1 ton of grain.

2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the Automatic Granular washing machine

Model: FXJ2000

Voltage: 380v

Frequency: 50 Hz

Capacity: 2000-2500kg/h

Motor power: 2.2 kw + 0.25 kw

Size:1100×900×1100mm  1500×600×900mm   

N W: 250kg

Material: 304 stainless steel

3. Product Feature And Application of the Automatic Granular washing machine

☆ The maximum row of stone is Φ15mm, and the stone discharge rate is 100%.

☆  The tap water spray washes away the drowning water, and then returns to the water tank to recover the water after the sedimentation treatment, and the suction water pump washes and washes to form the reverse water, saving water and energy

☆  The machine materials are all made of 304 stainless steel.

☆ High efficiency:  put  100kg  rice to wash each time, after  100kg  rice is finish wash, continue to put  another 100kg  rice. It takes about 2.4- 3 minutes for wash per 100kg  rice.

☆ Easy to operation

Suitable for cleaning all kinds of granules of different sizes such as cowpea, soybean, corn, peanut, rice, wheat, rapeseed, sesame, miscellaneous grains, etc.

4. Production details of the Automatic Granular washing machine

The working principle is: using the high-pressure water generated by the booster water pump, the jet in the pipeline washes away the adhesion of the grain skin, and uses the inertia of the flushing to send the particles into the separator to separate the sandstone block.


5. FAQ

Q1: Can I have a sample for testing?

A: Yes, sample order is accepted.


Q2: How can I pay?

A: T/T, western union or LC


Q3:  How about Quality Control?

A: Our testing team will arrange for the inspection before packing.


Q4: How can I get the after-service?

A: Flexibility and continuous care for our customers will always stay on our top-priority.

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