Cautions for Using Sawing Machine

- Jun 16, 2019-

Cautions for Using Sawing Machine



1. When installing the saw blade, pay attention to the direction of the saw blade and the saw tooth tip of the right cutting surface is downward.

2. Safety gloves are recommended for operation.

3. The scraper should press the saw band, but not touch the saw tip, otherwise it will increase the noise and shorten the service life of the saw blade.

4. When the door of the saw is opened, the safety switch will stop the machine, but the saw blade will continue to rotate for a while under inertia. At this time, do not touch the saw band by hand.

5. Never cut meat with your hands without any protection, especially when sawing smaller meat products, such as pig hooves. High-speed saw band, even with gloves will hurt fingers, gloves can only delay and mitigate injury, absolutely not careless.

6. When the saw blade is not in use, it is better to loosen the tension handle of the saw blade on the top of the machine for 2 turns, and tighten the handle next time the machine starts, so as to increase the service life of the saw blade.