Commercial dishwasher maintenance method

- Oct 08, 2019-

Commercial dishwasher maintenance method


Daily cleaning (After used):

1 Wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the dishwasher with a rag and detergent solution to keep it clean and free of oil. Also clean the filter to prevent dirt from smelling inside the machine.

2 Clean the inner wall of the dishwasher and the sink, and check if the cleaning arm is clogged. If it is blocked, it should be removed for cleaning. Remove the slag and clean the debris. Make sure the nozzle is free of debris. After cleaning, put the slag chip back in place.


Regular descaling: Descaling should be carried out every 2~3 weeks on the inner wall and inside of the dishwasher.

The importance of regularly removing scale from the following components:

- Washing arms and nozzles: ensure smooth water flow and optimum use

- Each heating element: guarantees heating speed, otherwise it may cause damage to the heating parts



Monthly checking: Check the inner of the machine by month