Commercial ice cream machine

- Oct 15, 2019-

The ice cream machine is an automatic equipment specially designed for the production of frozen desserts - ice cream. According to the purpose, the ice cream machine can be divided into a large-scale freezer used in the factory assembly line and a commercial ice cream machine used in the catering industry. The ice cream machine is generally pressed out. The number of mouths is divided into single-head, three-head, seven-head or more ice cream machines.

Single head ice cream machine

There is only one storage tank, one refrigeration cylinder and one discharge port, and only one color, that is, one flavor of ice cream, can be produced. This ice cream machine is called a monochrome ice cream machine. Generally suitable for small bars, coffee shops, western restaurants, KTV, Internet cafes, etc., where the output and taste of ice cream are not much, the price is relatively cheap. This ice cream machine is small in size, light in weight around 80KG, and the power is generally 750W- Between 1800W.

Three-head ice cream machine

There are two storage cylinders, two refrigeration cylinders and three discharge ports. At the same time, three colors, namely three flavors of ice cream, can be produced, including two pure flavors and one mixed flavor. This ice cream machine market is the most mainstream. A soft ice cream machine.

Seven ice cream machine

There are four storage cylinders with four refrigeration cylinders and seven discharge ports, two compressors for faster cooling. At the same time, there are seven colors and flavors of ice cream, including four different flavors and colors and three mixed flavor ice creams. Suitable for high-end places and places with high requirements for ice cream