How to maintain Refrigeration Equipment and how to energy-saving

- Mar 04, 2019-

Refrigeration Equipment are used to preserve food, refrigerate or frozen and display food, they have a very big role in people's lives. But its price is not cheap, and the power consumption is relatively big, so we have to maintain it and need to know how to save energy, then what should we do?


In the use of the Chiller/ freezer, its working time and power consumption are greatly affected by the ambient temperature, so we need to choose different grades in different seasons. Therefore, when the temperature is high in summer, the thermostat is adjusted to a low grade. And adjust the thermostat to the high grade in winter. Moreover, the number of door opening and door opening time should be minimized. After the refrigerator/freezer is closed, it is necessary to check whether the door body is closed and prevent the door seal from leaking. There should be some space in the refrigerator to place food, especially the food should not be close to the back wall of the refrigerator, and try not to place food with large moisture. If it is really necessary to place it, it is best to seal it with plastic wrap. Check if the drain is blocked by dirt. If it is blocked, use a through-hole pin or other similar plastic rod to clear it.

Place the Chiller/ freezer in a place where there is no heat source and good ventilation. There should be enough heat dissipation space around it. The hot food is cooled and then placed into the Chiller/ freezer.