How to Maintain Refrigerator

- Aug 26, 2019-

                                                         How to Maintain Refrigerator

1. Refrigerators should be placed far away from heat sources, well ventilated, solid and flat place to prevent excessive ambient temperature, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the condenser, affecting the refrigeration effect.


2. Guarantee the distance between the cabinet and its surroundings: the left and right distance is not less than 500 mm, the back is not less than 250 mm, and the top distance is not less than 1250 mm.


3. The power supply of refrigerators must be supplied by special lines, and the sockets should be grounded reliably. When the fluctuation of power supply voltage is large, the regulator with power more than 5 times of the whole machine should be installed.


4. After transportation, refrigerators should be placed for more than two hours before they can be electrified, and refrigerators should be electrified for two hours before they can be put into food. Food stored in cabinets should be at room temperature. Items should be stacked evenly, and the air gap should be left when food is stacked.


5. Refrigerators should be managed by special personnel, and the operation of equipment should be paid attention to frequently. If abnormal conditions are found and checked in time, major problems should be checked by professional personnel.


6. When there is 8 mm thick frost in the cupboard wall or the copper pipe in the cabinet, the machine should stop defrosting. When defrosting, the power supply should be cut off, the contents in the cabinet should be taken out, and the frost layer on the surface should be washed with water to dissolve completely. Do not use sharp metal defrosting layer to avoid damaging the evaporator.


7. Condenser should be cleaned every three months. When cleaning, power supply should be cut off. Then compressed air should be used to blow. When there is too much oil on the surface of the condenser, 1:20 sodium hydroxide solution should be sprayed on the fins of the condenser. After the oil is dissolved, the condenser should be thoroughly washed with clean water. When washing with clean water, attention should be paid to avoiding wetting other electrical components.


8. If the refrigerator is not used for a long time, it should cut off the power supply and keep the cabinet clean and dry.