How to operate the rice washer machine

- Dec 27, 2018-

How to operate the rice washer machine

1 first open the water valve, the control valve handle in the normal working position, sewage pipe hang up, after the water-saving device is full of water, close the power switch. Working water pressure gauge 0.23-0.28Mpa, Gravel discharge pressure gauge 0.08-0.10 Mpa


2 After close the power switch, the rice tube is toward the rice tank, put the rice basket on the water-saving device. After the floating object separator of rice washing machine filled with water, the rice tube align rice baskets, the rice into rice tank. Rice Washing machine continuous working, continuous classification debris.  When there is rice inside of the rice tube , cannot shut down the machine.


3 Shutdown, first shift the control valve handle to Discharge position, put down the sewage pipe, clear out all the water and rice inside of machine, then shut off the water and electricity.


Note: When the machine is on, the water of water-saving device cannot be less than 1/2 height, if less than, please fill clean water directly into the water-saving device to fill the shortage.