Ice Cream Machine Freezing Cylinder Problems and Solutions

- Aug 17, 2019-

Ice Cream Machine Freezing Cylinder Problems and Solutions



The Freezing Cylinder problem is one of the most common problems in the use of ice cream machine, the reasons as followings:


1. Water content of slurry is too high. Material moisture content cannot be too much, too much water is easy to freeze, so please strictly proportionate slurry.


2. There is a big difference in output between the two cylinders. Ice cream machine is easy to freeze on the side of low yield. Avoid: If the two tastes are the same, squeeze out a few ice-creams at the outlet with less output and pour them into the storage cylinder on the side with more output, so as to keep the output of both sides basically balanced. For different tastes, it is necessary to keep the output balance as far as possible when selling.


3. After cleaning the ice cream machine, the water in the cylinder is not cleaned, which can easily cause the phenomenon of freezing cylinder.


4. There is no slurry in the storage tank, but the ice cream machine is still refrigerating, so it is easy to freeze the cylinder. Please pay attention to filling at any time.


5. Ice cream is not produced for a long time, but the machine is constantly refrigerating, it is also easy to cause the phenomenon of freezer. Avoid: If ice cream is not produced for more than 30 minutes, please suspend the ice cream machine or pour some ice cream back into the raw material basin (try to thaw the ice cream before pouring it into the raw material basin, otherwise it is easy to block the inlet and cause the freezing cylinder).


Solutions to the Freezing Cylinder:

Generally, the noise caused by the friction between the mixing shaft and the refrigerating cylinder in the ice cream machine can be heard. When hearing this noise, the power supply of the ice cream machine should be turned off first to check whether there is ice cream slurry in the storage cylinder. If not, it can be filled. If no ice cream can be produced after the freezing and there is still ice cream slurry in the storage tank, stop the ice cream machine for about 30 minutes until the ice cream in the freezer melts