Precautions for use and maintenance of rice steaming cabinet

- Mar 22, 2019-

1. Before using the steaming rice cabinet, the leakage protection switch must be installed to check the electrical circuit. The outer casing should be effectively grounded and the wiring should be firm. It is strictly forbidden to use the leakage protection switch and the effective grounding.


2. Place the machine flat before use, connect the input steam pipe, put the rice plate into the box, add some water, send electricity (or steam) for 30 minutes to achieve good disinfection, then put rice, steamed bread and vegetables. class.


Third, when heating with electricity, the water tank must be filled with water, do not run out of water to prevent burning electrical appliances.

4. When heating with steam, put the cooking food into the box and close the door. The top of the steaming rice cabinet is equipped with a pneumatic safety ball valve. When the air pressure reaches a certain pressure, the pneumatic ball valve automatically flushes the steam, which is a normal phenomenon. Press the pneumatic ball valve.

5. The non-high pressure closed container of the steaming rice cabinet allows a small amount of steam to overflow from the door seam. When the steam is input for a few minutes, it is normal for the steam overflow to increase as compared with the initial input.


6. The outer casing of the steamed rice cabinet should not be corroded by acids and alkalis to prevent corrosion and oxidation.


7. After steaming, the steaming cabinet should be cleaned, and the surface of the heating element should be scrubbed regularly (usually twice a week), but the surface should not be scraped with a hard metal scraper, and the water tank should be replaced in time.