The characteristics of our Fried Roll Ice Cream Machine

- Dec 01, 2019-

The characteristics of our Fried Roll Ice Cream Machine 

1. Easy to make: after the machine is turned on, put in the raw materials, and all kinds of food will be fried and eaten as soon as possible, which will be instant.


2. Wide range of fried materials: liquid containing sugar, ice cream raw materials, fresh fruit, juice, milk, soymilk, soda, coffee, cola, beer, porridge, etc. can be made. It can also be used to make fresh fruit ice cream, a popular food in foreign countries.


3. Wide business scope: schools, cold drink shops, Western restaurants, restaurants, stations, shopping malls, cinemas, gymnasiums, tourist attractions, residential areas, rural towns, busy streets can be set up.

4. Suitable for all seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Stir fried ice with sugar and wine. It can be eaten in severe winter. It has the effect of expelling cold and generating warmth.