The daily maintenance of the stainless steel sink

- Apr 24, 2019-

Stainless steel has a strong rust resistance. For example, in dry and clean air, stainless steel has absolutely excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability; but if it is in the coastal area, in the humid air with a lot of salt, if it is not properly maintained, stainless steel will soon be born. rust. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the stainless steel sink is a very important task for us.

1. Clean the sink frequently.

2. The retained water will cause mineral deposits to occur. In this case, a low concentration of vinegar solution can be used to remove such deposits and finally completely cleaned with water.

3. Do not leave water droplets on the surface. High iron content water may cause brownish red markings on the surface.

4. Do not place low carbon steel or cast iron cookware in the sink for a long time.

5. Do not leave rubber dishwashing, wet dishwashing sponge or other cleaning pad in the sink.

6. Bleach or food containing chlorine can damage the sink.

7. Even if it is placed in a cabinet, if a container containing bleach or chemical detergent is opened, the gas or vapor that floats out of it will cause damage to the sink below.

8. If you accidentally drop the photographic drug or solder melt into the sink, rinse it off immediately with water.

9. Minimize the use of silver-containing detergents or other washing products containing sulfur or hydrochloric acid.

10. Do not put the salt-rich foods in the sink for a long time.