The difference between hard ice cream and soft ice cream

- Feb 20, 2019-

The difference between hard ice cream and soft ice cream

Ice cream is currently divided into two categories: one is hard ice cream; the other is soft ice cream.


The source of hard ice cream is created by Americans, Hard ice cream mainly processed in ice cream factories, frozen to convenience stores, supermarkets and shopping malls. Therefore, its shape is hard.

 Hard ice cream is generally divided into two types: one is a stick-shaped ice cream which sold in a freezer, also called a small package of ice cream. The small package of ice cream has a high sweetness, beautiful packaging and convenient consumption. This product is generally produced by a large cold drink factory.


Another kind of hard ice cream is frozen in the ice cream machine and then sold in a ball shape. So it is also called "bulk ice cream" because it has a freezing process between production and sales. The process requirements are higher than soft ice cream.


Soft ice cream was invented by the Italians and was perfected by the priests of Sicily in the 16th century. After the soft ice cream was come out from the ice cream machine, it was sold at once, also known as "fresh ice cream."  The process requirements of Soft ice cream are relatively simple; the taste is soft and smooth! The ice cream machine can make ice cream with different flavors.