The features of our ice maker

- Jan 11, 2019-

Our ice maker are widely used in hotels, KTV, Western-style fast food, breakfast shop, compound Jane juice cold drinks shop, beer house, supermarket, fresh food processing.

The main components of ice machine imported from abroad, all stainless steel ice machine shell, beautiful product design, energy efficient, advanced microcomputer control system control.

Its operation is simple and convenient.

     ice machine beautiful and elegant style, using the most mature and reliable international water-based ice-making principle, high efficiency, high reliability and stability, ice full automatic shutdown.

     Split large-scale production, using all stainless steel design, elegant shape.

     International popular style design appearance of generous, bevel open the door, easy to take the ice.

     using brand-name compressor, refrigeration system optimization design, thick insulation, energy-efficient machine.

     use a mature computer control system and ice making mold, to ensure stable and reliable ice system operation.

     ice transparent as crystal, adjustable thickness.

     ice machine machine one year warranty, life-long maintenance.