The following problems should be dealt with in kitchen design

- Jun 20, 2019-

The following problems should be dealt with in kitchen design:

1. The dishwashroom should be close to the dining room and kitchen and try to be on the same plane as the dining room. The location of the washroom is close to the dining room and kitchen. It is convenient to transfer dirty utensils and kitchen utensils. The main purpose of keeping the dishwashroom and dining room on the same plane is to reduce the labor intensity of the workers who deliver tableware. Of course, after large-scale catering activities, the dining car pushes tableware, which is also a prerequisite.

2. The dishwashroom should have reliable disinfection facilities. The washroom is not only responsible for cleaning tableware and kitchen utensils, but also for disinfection of all washing tableware. The dishwashroom that relies on manual washing of tableware must be equipped with special disinfection facilities after washing according to the specific circumstances of the hotel's energy and site conditions. After disinfection, the tableware is wiped with a cleaning cloth for use in restaurants and kitchens.