Use Skills and Maintenance Skills of cake showcase

- Oct 14, 2019-

1. When the cake showcase is used for the first time, it will run empty for 1-2 hours, then turn off,  after the operation reaches a stable state, and then put food into the showcase and turn on. Note that at any time the food in the showcase should not be too much, and too much food may cause frost in the showcase and so on.


 2. In order to protect the compressor, it is not necessary to turn on and off frequently (or switch on and off frequently), even if some products have delay protection, and they can not turn on frequently.


3. The temperature of the fresh-keeping showcase is generally adjusted and locked when it leaves the factory, so it is not necessary to adjust it again. If it needs to be adjusted again, it can be set up according to the usage guideline.


4. When storing goods, it is necessary to handle them lightly and not throw items into the showcase so as to avoid damaging the inner wall.


5. Keep a certain distance around the showcase wall, and keep appropriate clearance when placing goods, so as to facilitate the convection of cold air and the temperature. Uniform; at least 100 MM space is left behind the showcase body, which is conducive to good ventilation of the cryogenic ventilator to ensure the refrigeration effect of the equipment.


6. The ambient temperature of the showcase body should be lower than 32 C (the design ambient temperature of the air curtain showcase is + 25 C). It should not be directly exposed to the sun or put in the oven.


7. The power supply of the fresh-keeping showcase must use an independent socket, the current capacity of the socket and the power line should be no less than the specified number of the selected fresh-keeping showcase, and the socket must be reliably grounded;?


8. The power supply generally uses 220V, 50HZ single-phase alternating current (some 380V), and the voltage range is 187-242V. When the voltage is unstable, please use a voltage regulator with more than five times the power;?


9. The defrosting of the fresh-keeping showcase should be controlled automatically by a micro-computer. The refrigerators will stop running and enter defrosting state by themselves (note: the temperature slightly rises when defrosting is normal). After defrosting, the refrigerators will automatically refrigerate and defrosting work should be carried out regularly.


10. In order to save electricity, we should try our best to reduce the number of opening doors and shorten the opening time. Frequent switching of showcase doors may also lead to frosting and other conditions, thus affecting the insurance effect. 11. Lighting system: Temperature controller control lamp: press the boot button, the lamp will turn on, press again, the lamp will go out. Cake showcase switch directly controls the lamp: Turn the switch marked "LIGHT" to (I) state light, switch to "(O) close position lamp to extinguish.