Washing and disinfecting kitchen equipment tools

- Sep 02, 2019-

Washing and disinfecting kitchen equipment tools


Tools, tools that come into contact with raw clinker, in order to avoid contamination of clinker, it is can not to process raw meal and cooked food with a single tool.


The chopping board should be cleaned with detergent after each use, and impregnated with disinfectant and hot water to sterilize. The chopping board is as cooked as the knives, and the raw food is used separately to maximize the inclusion of microbial contamination.


Meat cutting and mincers should be disassembled and cleaned after daily use due to the use of stainless steel. If the cutter is rusted, use 15% nitric acid or rust remover to remove and clean the rust, so that the elements contained in the rust can be prevented from contaminating the raw material, and the cutter and the crusher are extended. Life expectancy.


Appliances and containers, tools for transferring and transporting raw clinker, should be cleaned and then disinfected with hot water and steam.


Metalware is susceptible to corrosion and can sterilize and evaporate moisture from the appliance at high temperatures.