Basic Equipment For The Catering Industry Kitchen

- Sep 10, 2018-

1. Storage equipment for catering kitchen

The storage facilities of the catering kitchen are divided into two categories: utensil storage and food storage. Storage of utensils is a space for storage of utensils, cooking utensils, utensils, and the like. Food storage is divided into two categories: refrigerated and non-cold storage. Refrigeration is achieved through refrigeration and fresh-keeping equipment in the kitchen, cold storage, and the like. Storage utensils are completed through various base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-functional decorative cabinets, and the like. The kitchen decoration design can be based on the storage of stainless steel cabinets, wooden cabinets, fire board cabinets, steel cabinets, whole cabinets, kitchens, kitchens, cabinet countertops and other storage equipment.

2. Washing equipment for catering kitchen

The washing equipment of the catering kitchen includes the supply system of hot and cold water, drainage equipment, dishwasher, vegetable washing machine, disinfection cabinet, washing tank, washing tray, storage cabinet, etc., food waste pulverizer and other equipment.

3. Conditioning equipment for catering kitchen

The conditioning equipment of the catering kitchen mainly includes the conditioning table, finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients, preparation tools and utensils, storage racks, dining carts, seasoning boxes, seasoning boxes, spice racks, cookware racks, etc.

4, cooking equipment in the catering kitchen

The cooking utensils in the catering kitchen mainly include gas stoves, steaming rice cabinets, soup stoves, clams, steamers, induction cookers, microwave ovens, ovens, continuous frying machines, flipping pans, automatic woks, wind-baked wires, and universal points. Oven, wok, stir-fry, steamer, stockpot, casserole, hot pot, pan, non-stick pan, steamer, steamer, pressure cooker, etc. In order to ensure the kitchen is well ventilated, the kitchen has exhaust ducts and smoke exhausting equipment.

5. Lighting equipment for catering kitchen

The lighting equipment of the catering kitchen should be reasonably laid out, the lighting design of the whole kitchen should be bright, the lighting of the stove, the washing pool and the console should not be neglected, and convenient switch devices should be set up.