Cold Room Design Key Points

- Aug 07, 2019-

Cold Room design key points

Refrigerators are best built in shady places where there is no sunshine and frequent hot air. Small refrigerators are best built indoors. There should be good drainage conditions around the cold storage, low groundwater level, preferably with a barrier under the cold storage, and good ventilation. Drying is very important for the cold storage. In addition, three-phase electricity with corresponding capacity should be installed in advance according to the power of refrigerators before the construction of refrigerators. If the refrigerators are water-cooled, water pipes should be laid and cooling towers built.

The second step of cold storage design: determination of the capacity of cold storage

The size of the cold storage should be designed according to the maximum amount of agricultural products stored throughout the year. This capacity is calculated based on the volume of storage products that must be stored in the cold storage, the space between the stack and the wall, the ceiling, and the open space between the packages. After the capacity of the cold storage is determined, the length and height of the cold storage are determined. In the design of cold storage, the necessary subsidiary buildings and measures should be considered, such as workshops, packing rooms, tool stores and loading and unloading platforms.

The third step of cold storage design: selection and laying of thermal insulation materials for cold storage

The selection of heat preservation materials for cold storage must be adapted to local conditions, which not only has good heat insulation function, but also is economical and practical. There are several types of heat insulation materials for cold storage. One is the plate processed into fixed shape and specifications with fixed length, width and thickness. According to the needs of the installation of the cold storage body, the corresponding specifications of the plate can be selected. The high and medium temperature cold storage generally chooses 10 cm thick plate, and the low temperature cold storage and freezing cold storage generally chooses 12 cm or 15 cm thick plate. Another kind of cold storage can be sprayed with polyurethane foam, spraying materials directly into the brick or concrete warehouse to be built, which is moisture-proof and heat-insulating after setting. Thermal insulation materials are polyurethane, Polyphenylester and so on. Polyurethane does not absorb water and has good heat insulation, but its cost is higher. Polyphenyl resin has strong water absorption and poor heat insulation, but its cost is lower. The structure of modern cold storage is developing toward assembled cold storage. The components of cold storage, including moisture-proof layer and heat insulation layer, can be assembled on site. Their advantages are convenient, fast and movable, but the cost is relatively high.

Cold Storage Design Step 4: Selection of Cold Storage Cooling System

The selection of cooling system in cold storage is mainly the selection of compressor and evaporator in cold storage. Generally speaking, full blockade compressor is the main choice for small refrigerators. Because of the low power and relatively cheap price of the fully blocked compressor, the semi-blocked compressor is generally used in medium-sized refrigeration storehouse, and the semi-blocked compressor is used in large-scale refrigeration storehouse. When choosing the semi-blocked compressor, the ammonia refrigeration compressor can also be considered. Because of the high power of the ammonia refrigeration compressor and the multi-purpose of one machine, the installation and treatment of the refrigeration storehouse When choosing the evaporator, the high temperature cold storage uses the air cooler as the evaporator, which has the characteristics of fast cooling speed, but easy to cause water loss of refrigerants. The evaporation exhaust pipe made of seamless steel tube is mainly used in the middle and low temperature cold storage, which has the advantages of good constant temperature effect and timely cold storage.