What Are The Western Kitchen Equipment Needed To Build A Western Kitchen?

- Oct 02, 2018-

Based on regional differences, historical and cultural backgrounds and customs, the kitchen equipment used for food preparation in Western food kitchens is different from the kitchen equipment used in Chinese kitchens. Western food is mainly cooked, fried, fried, braised, fried, braised, etc., more attention to cooking materials and seasoning, but also pay attention to the maturity and nutrition of the dishes.


Western kitchens are mainly divided into different functions: western cooking main kitchen, western food cold room, and western cake room. The kitchen equipment used is different because of the different types of vegetables produced and processed. The western kitchen has a clear division of labor, a wide range of kitchen equipment, and a single purpose, high level of mechanization. The following 10 kinds of commonly used western kitchen equipment are introduced.


1. Griddle/ grill - It is mainly used for Western barbecue beef, meat and other foods. Through this equipment, customers can quickly satisfy the roasting, frying and frying cooking of meat in a short time.

2, Bratt Pan-- the pot is mainly composed of the rack, steam line, pot body, tilting pot device. The main material is high quality stainless steel, which is easy to use and labor-saving.

3, Combi-Oven - mainly used for Western food, bread, and other food production.

4, Steamer - mainly used to cook steam food

5, fryer - used to fried chicken legs, fried chicken wings, French fries, etc.

6, Refrigerator & Freezer - used to ensure the freshness of food.

7, Blast freezer - Western food often there are some foods that need to be quickly frozen, such as frozen coffee, cold drinks need to be processed through this device.

8, Salamander - suitable for food coloring and surface heating.

9, Rotary oven - can be rotated in the oven, through 360-degree rotation, fully cooked food.

10, toaster - is a small electric baking bread special equipment, there are two, four, six and other models.