Fruit And Vegetable Cleaning Equipment With Ozone To Clean Up Pesticide Residues

- Oct 05, 2018-

Fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment can be divided into a bubble cleaning machine, a high pressure spray cleaning machine, a drum type cleaning machine (only suitable for vegetables and vegetables that are hard to be damaged, etc.), ultrasonic fruit and vegetable washing machine, according to the cleaning method. Ozone cleaning machine, etc. The bubble cleaning machine passes the bubble tumbling action, and the high-pressure spray cleaning machine passes the spray technology. The drum type cleaning machine can effectively remove the sediment and debris by the mutual tumbling friction effect of the materials. It can remove certain pesticide residues, but it is restricted by detergents and may even cause secondary pollution of detergents.

Ultrasonic waves generate continuous vibration through the sound field of ultrasonic waves, and peel off the dirt of fruits and vegetables. In addition, they also have a bactericidal effect. However, for the degradation of pesticide residues, the superficial residue removal effect of fruits and vegetables is good, while the residue for depth is very limited. The ozone vegetable washing machine adopts the ozone generating technology, that is, when the vegetable washing machine is working, the ozone generator is supplied with electricity, and the ozone generator generates ozone, which is transported by the ozone pump through the ozone pipe to the washing tub of the vegetable washing machine, in the washing tub. The water machine contacts and dissolves in the water to form ozone water, thereby playing the role of sterilization, disinfection and degradation of the pesticide, and the damage to the vegetables (including the leafy vegetables) is small compared to the drum type cleaning.