How To Store Food In The Kitchen Freezer Is Reasonable

- Sep 27, 2018-

The temperature of the freezer is generally -23-18 °C. At this temperature, the faster the raw material is frozen, the better, because under the rapid freezing, the ice crystal particles inside the raw material are fine and the structure is not easily damaged. In fact, the freezing of raw materials is carried out in three steps: cold storage, quick freezing, and frozen storage.

If the raw material is frozen and stored in the same equipment, it will inevitably not cause the temperature difference to change and affect the quality of the raw materials stored. Therefore, conditional catering enterprises should install quick-freezing equipment, and the temperature should generally be below -30 °C.

The specific practices of freezer management are as follows.

1. Accept the acceptance of the goods, adhere to the principle that the frozen raw materials must be frozen in the acceptance, and avoid the frozen raw materials to be sent to the freezer.

2. Fresh raw materials should be frozen first, then properly wrapped and then stored to prevent contamination and surface contamination.

3. The temperature of the frozen raw material should be kept below. The lower the temperature, the smaller the temperature difference, and the better the storage period and material quality of the raw materials. Raw materials for frozen storage, especially should be packaged with anti-volatile materials, so as to avoid excessive loss of moisture in the raw materials, causing frostbite, causing deterioration or discoloration. Therefore, the relative humidity in the freezer should be slightly higher than the refrigerator.

4. Once the frozen raw material is thawed, it must not be stored again. Otherwise, the microorganisms recovered in the raw materials will cause food spoilage, and the quick freezing will destroy the structure and nutrients of the raw material structure.

5, frozen raw materials can not be placed directly on the ground or placed against the wall, so as not to hinder the cold air circulation in the warehouse, affecting the storage quality.

6. Adhere to the principle of first-in, first-out, all raw materials must indicate the date and price of the warehousing, and check and store frequently.