Commercial Vegetable Cutting Machine, Improve The Efficiency Of Catering Kitchen

- Sep 30, 2018-

In order to meet the requirements of different dishes, the chopping machine has developed a method of changing tools, replacing hoppers, etc., and also produced special machines such as slicer, dicing machine, and slitting machine; and machines suitable for different cutting methods, multipurpose In food processing plants, such as multifunction rotary, centrifugal, linear and so on.

Vegetable cutting machinery is a good way to improve the production efficiency of food production enterprises. For food processing enterprises, the amount of fruits and vegetables that need to be processed is huge, and cutting vegetables and cutting meat becomes an uncompromising effort and time. With the commercial cutting machine, the efficiency of the factory is improved, and the benefits naturally come up.

Recently, the hot AI technology has also been associated with the cutting machine. Speed conversion and control through fuzzy operations. As long as you choose the required cutting specifications, the cutting speed will be automatically selected, one button will replace the cumbersome manual debugging, and the adjustment is accurate and fast, which greatly improves the quality and production efficiency of cutting vegetables. This greatly reduces the technical requirements of the machine operator and enhances the applicability of the machine.